Check-in right away 13 beautiful Kuala Lumpur tourist attractions “sorrowful”

Kuala Lumpur, the beautiful capital of Malaysia, is known as a busy, bustling city of a modern and most developed capital in the region. Coming here, you will enjoy the vibrant bustle of the city with the modern space of skyscrapers, or have an extremely luxurious stay at high-class resorts and entertainment. Moreover, this is a city with a mixture of many cultures from Asia to Europe such as China, Malaysia, India and Western countries, it is this novelty that will help visitors have real experiences. interesting in the capital Kuala Lumpur.

Petronas Twin Towers

Lost in a prime location right in the city center, arriving in Kuala Lumpur without checking-in with the Petronas Twin Towers – the symbol of Malaysia is a big waste.

The tower consists of 88 floors with a height of 452m and a floor area of ​​up to 395,000m2, the tower stands out in the middle of the busy city because it is the first time coming to Kuala Lumpur that it is sure to impress any visitor. .

Petronas Twin Towers has become an extremely popular check-in place in Kuala Lumpur, with skyview visitors can enjoy the panoramic view of the city with a magnificent 360-degree view. Do not forget to mention the Skybridge – the world’s tallest sky bridge connecting two towers on the 41st and 42nd floors, 170m high and 158m long.

Ticket price to visit the skyview twin towers is MYR 83 , children 3 – 12 years old cost MYR 36

Temple of Thean Hou

Thean Hou Temple, also known as Ba Thien Hau Temple, is a famous temple not only in Malaysia but also famous around the world for its pure landscape and unique architecture, this place is on the list of “must-” go” once in the life of a travel fanatic.

With bold Chinese architecture, the pagoda is decorated with thousands of red lanterns, making the temple grounds even more outstanding. Located on Robson Hill with an area of ​​​​up to 6,760m2, this is one of the largest Buddhist populations in Southeast Asia.

Coming to Thean Hou temple area, you will feel the peaceful, quiet and majestic space of the Buddhist population, in addition to praying for peace and luck, take some impressive photos in this beautiful space. here you go.

Federal Territory Mosque

The Federal Territory Mosque, also known as Masjid Wilayah, is a Kuala Lumpur tourist destination famous for its magnificent beauty. The church was completed and built in 2000 with a mix of Malaysian and Ottoman styles.

The entire church area has 22 domes with poetic jade green color inspired by the Blue Mosque – Blue Mosque in Turkey. Here you will have impressive shooting angles with this massive project.

In addition to admiring the architectural beauty, you will also be guided by volunteers and introduced to the history of the church, as well as the unique features of Islamic culture. Note, when coming here, you need to wear clothes that are in accordance with the religious principles here.

Perdana Botanical Garden

If you want to find a peaceful place in the magnificent city, Perdana Botanical Garden is the ideal place to visit in Kuala Lumpur. There are many rare plant species here, which is an opportunity for people who love to explore nature.

Aquarium Kuala Lumpur – Aquaria KLCC

This is an ideal sightseeing stop for families, especially families with young children. Coming to the aquarium, you will discover the ocean world with thousands of large and small creatures, see firsthand the life of nearly 5,000 species of creatures from land to sea.


Every day at the aquarium, there will be a fixed time frame for visitors to visit directly to feed the fish, you can find out those hours to have interesting experiences. Ticket price to visit the aquarium: MYR 69 for adults , MYR 59 for children from 3 to 12 years old.

Kuala Lumpur Central Park – KLCC Park

Walking in the city center, the central park is a stop to help visitors relax, breathe fresh air and peaceful space in the heart of the bustling city.

Sri Maha Mariamman Temple Kuala Lumpur

A free Kuala Lumpur tourist attraction that you can save to your sightseeing list in Kuala Lumpur, an Indian temple with a very unique design featuring Indian culture. With hundreds of Buddha statues with different expressions, it looks unique and mysterious.

Here you can see the traditional dance and singing performances of the Indians. Remember that visitors need to take off their shoes, dress politely and not laugh loudly when visiting Sri Mahamariamman temple.

Petaling Street Market (China Street)

An old Chinese town in the heart of Malaysia will be the next place for those who love to explore and are passionate about Asian cuisine. As a bustling street both day and night, especially in the evening with rows of red lanterns, this place is very bright and outstanding.


This is considered a paradise for food enthusiasts with many delicious dishes of China, India, Malaysia, … will help you fill your stomach and can know more about the typical flavors of many countries. . In addition, you can also buy souvenirs, clothes, bags, .. here at very good prices.

KL Tower Kuala Lumpur

In addition to the famous Petronas Twin Towers, in Kuala Lumpur there is another equally prominent tower, the Kuala Lumpur Tower built in 1994, is a great work, the pride of the people of Malaysia.

Food Street Jalan Alor Kuala Lumpur

Let’s change the wind to a place that can both visit and enjoy the unique cuisine of Malaysia. Jalan Alor food street with many restaurants, eateries selling full of Malaysian specialties or specialties of other countries for you to choose to enjoy.

Coming to the food street, the most important thing you should not forget is to bring cash along with your “hungry stomach” to wipe out the wonderful delicacies here.

Batu Caves complex

Coming to Kuala Lumpur, surely no visitor will miss this colorful place. Batu Caves is a great architectural work bearing the imprint of Indian culture, you will see sacred shrines, lively statues and hear interesting stories about the gods.

Especially on the occasion of Thaipusam festival, you will have the opportunity to admire the interesting performances of Hindus, you can also participate in dancing and singing in the festival.

Do not forget to take impressive photos with this famous and beautiful Kuala Lumpur tourist destination, so remember when you come here to visit you need to dress modestly and behave properly in the sacred place.

National Museum of Malaysia – National Museum in Kuala Lumpur

The National Museum is a place that attracts domestic and international tourists to learn and discover information about the history of Malaysia. Here you can not only consult more information but also admire the historical artifacts on display with unique features of past and present history.

Museum of Illusions Kuala Lumpur

The last Kuala Lumpur tourist destination that Traveloka would like to introduce to you is an impressive place, the psychedelic museum where you will experience the feeling of “real fake”, with interesting shooting angles you will see. There are “strange” and super unique virtual live photos to show off to friends.


The journey to discover the capital Kuala Lumpur is still very long and many interesting things are waiting for you. With impressive Kuala Lumpur tourist destinations are definitely destinations that will not disappoint you, or you can refer to more Kuala Lumpur travel activities at Traveloka for a convenient and economical journey.

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