Things to note when traveling to Malaysia

Malaysia tourism is increasingly attracting tourists from all over the world. You will discover beautiful natural landscapes, unique architectures, rich culinary diversity and rich cultural identity. However, to have a complete Malaysia tour, Vietnam Travel shares the things you need to keep in mind when traveling to Malaysia as follows:

Note when traveling to Malaysia, immigration procedures

  • When entering the country, please note that the maximum amount you can bring without notifying the customs office is 7,000 USD.
  • If you bring items with high value over 300 USD such as phones, cameras, camcorders, etc., you must declare them to customs to be safe.
  • Absolutely when traveling to Malaysia, you do not bring prohibited items such as knives, scissors, explosives and other prohibited weapons.
  • When doing immigration procedures, you should note that you should wear polite and discreet clothes. Because Malaysia is a Muslim country, you need to be careful when dressing to show respect for your culture.
  • Present a return ticket, complete information and an entry declaration. If there is something you do not understand, you should ask the immigration officer for help, to avoid writing wrong information or erasing unsightly.
  • Be wary of suggestions or help from strangers
  •  Going on a tour of Malaysia to explore famous attractions, you need to be wary of the phenomenon of attracting tourists. This is not a strange phenomenon, and you need to be vigilant to avoid losing money unjustly.
  • Especially when visiting mosques, if someone approaches and offers to help, lend you clothes, you should refuse.

In addition, when taking a taxi, you should also be wary of drivers. Taxi prices in the city, the central area are not high (about 140,000), so you should negotiate the price of the distance with the drivers. And if you go in a group, the money will be shared equally by the whole group to pay, otherwise the driver will say that the money is only to pay for one person. You should also consider the attractions that the driver suggests. Because sometimes drivers have combined with previous attractions to receive commissions.

Notes on costumes

Malaysia is a Muslim country so when traveling to Malaysia you should dress politely. You will see that people here have to wear long pants, long skirts, covering their shoulders. Not only that, the women here are also cautious when choosing swimwear, many of them wear full suits including headscarves to go to the beach. Even when sunbathing, they are not allowed to expose their breasts when sunbathing, except for some tourist sites where bikinis are allowed. If you go to the beach, you should bring a towel to wrap around your body and a swimsuit.

Note when eating in Malaysia

You are not allowed to wear shoes inside the house especially in mosques. Bloating after eating is acceptable and normal when dining in Malaysia so you don’t have to be shy about it.
When you travel to Malaysia, you will see that Malaysians always use their right hand to eat, Malaysians believe that the left hand is usually reserved for activities related to body hygiene. The suggestion is that if you are left-handed and cannot use your right hand to eat, use chopsticks, spoons, or forks instead.

In case you are invited to dinner at a local’s house, you should bring gifts (you can bring things like cakes, chocolates) and say gifts for children. You should not bring anything alcoholic or anything made of pig skin. Do not give toys with animals such as dogs and pigs to children. Do not give things that mean cutting ties, such as knives and scissors, to the homeowner. In addition, you should not give flowers, except in the case of visiting sick people or going to funerals.

Need to pay attention when walking

Traveling to Malaysia when you travel on public transport or crowded places in Malaysia you need to pay attention around as well as strangers, especially those you feel suspicious or naturally treat you too well . Because in all means of submarines, buses in Malaysia often have many crooks gathered.

Note when exchanging money in public places
If you have not changed money before going on a Malaysia tour, you absolutely cannot change large amounts of money and should not change cash or withdraw a lot of money at ATMs. You can withdraw in the bank and pay attention to strangers around to ensure your own safety.

Things to note when traveling to Malaysia

Note when calling in Malaysia
You should not call at the hotel because the charges here are very high. When you travel to Malaysia, if you want to make a phone call, it’s best to buy a card to call public phone stations.

Above are the notes when traveling to Malaysia that 1926 Heritage shares with you. Hope the above information will help your travel journey to be complete. Wish you will have a smooth and fun Malaysia tour.

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