Top 5 frequently asked questions when traveling to Malaysia

Malaysia is one of the outstanding tourist destinations in Asia and is also the top destination for Vietnamese tourists because of its multi-ethnic culture, modernity and unique ancient features. Interesting experience for tourists when coming to Malaysia.
For  tourists, “Tropical Paradise” is a top destination with a warm and humid climate all year round, but many people still do not have much experience when they are planning to set foot in this country. Today, let’s take a look at 1926 frequently asked questions when traveling to Malaysia.

What documents do you need to come to Malaysia?

Vietnam is one of the countries favored by Malaysia for visa exemption, so when you travel by tour or self-sufficient travel for less than 30 days, all you need is just a plane ticket and a passport. .

For self-sufficient travel of less than 30 days, in addition to the return ticket and passport, you need a travel plan in Malaysia (including schedule, hotel booking documents, entrance tickets of the tourist areas). entertainment, sightseeing that you have purchased in advance…) or airline tickets to a 3rd country and will be presented to the customs officer upon entry.

For tourist or business trips over 30 days in Malaysia, you need to apply for a visa at the Embassy or authorized agencies. The procedure for getting a visa to Malaysia is not too difficult, you only need basic documents such as a valid passport, household registration book, identity card, photo taken not older than 6 months, resume and application form. visa.

When is the best time to travel to Malaysia?

Malaysia is a country with a hot and humid climate all year round, so the weather is mainly dry and rainy, but the temperature is not much different between seasons. Depending on your preferences and needs, you can choose the most suitable travel time for yourself. If you like swimming, you should book tickets to go in April – June every year, or if you are a lover of festivals, you should book tickets at the end of the year around December to February. Avoid going there. August to October because this is the most rainy time of the year and there are no special festivals.

Coming to Malaysia, you should choose for yourself a suitable schedule of about 5-7 days, whether you are self-sufficient or traveling by tour. There is a special thing that Malaysia borders Singapore and Indonesia, you can move very easily to neighboring countries by train and do not need much paper other than your train ticket. Coming to Malaysia and conveniently visiting Singapore or Indonesia for sightseeing or shopping during the day is also an interesting thing, isn’t it?

Is traveling to Malaysia expensive?

The answer is not at all. Depending on self-sufficient travel or tour travel and shopping needs, you can balance your cost from 1000-1200 usd for a trip.

Where to go, what to eat in Malaysia?

This is probably the most common question of any traveler planning a trip to this country. Malaysia is very interesting, being a developed country of Southeast Asia, but you also cannot ignore the old features of this country when coming to the ancient city of Penang, or exploring the capital Kuala Lumpur with architectural works. Modern architecture such as Petronas Twin Towers, Menara Kuala Lumpur Towers, advanced transportation facilities such as subways, aerial trams, etc. If you are a nature lover, come to the coastal city of Langkawi or Johor Bahru to enjoy the beauty of this country along with hundreds of other attractive destinations that you cannot ignore when coming to Malaysia.

9 useful tips for first-time visitors to Malaysia

Malaysia is a multi-ethnic country, so the cuisine here is also very rich, especially the traditional and popular dishes in this country are mostly suitable for Vietnamese tourists. You can enjoy Assam Laksa vermicelli in Penang which is one of the best dishes in Malaysia or Nasi Kandar curry which is a dish originating from India, with a distinctive spicy and salty taste and also not to be missed. Fujian noodles – a dish from the Chinese ethnic group, … these dishes you can find anywhere on the streets of Malaysia and you will certainly not be able to forget these special flavors.

Means of transport in Malaysia

As mentioned, Malaysia is a developed country, especially in terms of transportation. Every day, Malaysia encounters a traffic jam similar to Vietnam, so the exploitation and upgrading of public transport is always a top priority in your country. As a tourist, you should also use public transport instead of personal vehicles to avoid unnecessary troubles such as traffic jams, wrong traffic

All public transport in Malaysia is concentrated in KL Sentral – the largest transport hub in Kuala Lumpur with bus and train routes moving in the city center to neighboring provinces. You can choose any vehicle for yourself because the destinations of the vehicles stop at prominent destinations for tourists or office buildings and commercial centers for commuters. Fares for subways, sky trains, trains and buses only range from 2-20 Ringgit depending on the vehicle you choose, the best way is to buy a pre-loaded card at KL Sentral so you don’t have to lose money. Pay for each leg of travel and get a free map at the ticket counter for more details on the destinations. If traveling by taxi, you can bargain the price of a taxi, this vehicle is quite special because there are 3 types of cars with 3 different colors distinguishing high-class or popular taxis.

Malaysia is a beautiful country that attracts many tourists every year. Please read the article on 9 useful tips for first time travelers to Malaysia before you go, because there will be very useful tips for your wonderful trip.

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